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Fee Schedule (Estimate)

Search Description Fee
Acris Documents$200.00
Attorney Search40-year Deed chain, Judgments, Liens, Mortgages$350.00
Bankruptcy SearchFee per name$25.00
Business Search10-year search - Judgments, Liens, State/County UCC's, Bankruptcy$20.00 per name
Certified CopiesPrice varies on page count$75.00
Co-op Search w/o Insurance (NYC)Open Mortgages, Judgments, Liens, UCC's, Bankruptcy$500.00
Corporate Franchise Tax SearchState search per name$100.00
Copies of DocumentsContact CityLine for price quote - Varies per document
Covenant and Restriction SearchCovenants, Restrictions, and Easements of Record$250.00
Foreclosure Search40-year Deed chain, Judgments, Liens, Mortgages, Tax Search, Party Defendants$400.00
Municipal Searches (ALL)Certificate of Occupancy, Tax, Emergency repair, Fire, Housing, and Building$500.00
Municipal Searches (Individual)*surcharges may be applicable$60.00
Judgment and Lien SearchJudgments and Liens vs Names only (Fees per name; Mortgages not included)$50.00
Judgment and Lien Search w/MortgageJudgments and Liens vs Names only (Fee is per name)$200.00
Last Deed of RecordCopy of Last Deed only$50.00
Last Owner SearchCertifies Last Owner of the Premises$175.00
Mortgage SearchAny open Mortgages on the premises$150.00
Patriot SearchFee per name$20.00
Tax Search*Fee may vary based on County$50.00
Title Report w/o MunicipalsFull 40-Year Search w/o Insurance - Includes only Tax Search$375.00
Title Report w/MunicipalsFull 40-Year Search w/o Insurance - Includes All Municipals$500.00
UCC Search (State and/or County)Includes all Filing information and Copy if Available per name$75.00
10-year Judgment and Lien Search10-year Deed Chain, Judgments, Liens, and Mortgages$250.00
20-year Judgment and Lien Search20-Year Deed Chain, Judgments, Liens, and Mortgages$275.00